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Denise Erenstone

Clean up debris along Highway 86 three times a year.

E-Mails, Website and Membership

Renate Schachenmayr

Send e-mails for club communications

and necessary mailings throughout the year.

Maintain Garden Club website

and membership list.

Green Thumb Awards

Cherise Bixler

Faith Brown

Awards are given to residents who have made

new or outstanding gardens.

Historian and Photographer

Takes pictures at Club meetings and activities.

Provides pictures to publicity chair

for newspaper articles about the Garden Club.


Dot Beatty

Greet members and guests at all events.

Phone Committee

Carol Fox

Program Committee

Plans and makes arrangements

for monthly events, lunches, and speakers.


Patricia Hofbauer

Monthly column about Garden Club events

and gardening tips in local media.

4th of July Parade

Garden Club Executive Committee

Organize Garden Club 

representation in annual parade.


Joan Barton

Telephone # 908-208-6577

Receives and maintains reservation list

for each event requiring reservations in advance.

Communicates with the Event Chair and President.

Maintains a sign-in sheet at each event

and forwards it to the Membership Chair or President

at the conclusion of the event.

Small Gardens Coordinator

Faith Brown

Volunteers help in local public gardens

on an informal basis.

Triangle Garden

Patricia Hofbauer

Meets monthly at 4pm 

(opposite North Elba Show Grounds)

for garden maintenance.

Bring tools and gloves.

Refreshments follow by sponsoring establishments

after an hour of work.

Village Clean-up

Tricia Garrett

Andrea Grout

Clean-up of roads on a Saturday morning in May.

Please wear gloves.

Village Holiday Swags

Paula Politi

Club members

make winter swags to decorate various areas of the Village.

Ways and Means

Garden Club Executive Committee

Provides floral arrangement for monthly meeting.

In charge of all raffles.

©2023 Garden Club of Lake Placid

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